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Muddy Trails Campground was created to allow trail riders a place to stay and have a home away from home. We are near the Hatfield-McCoy Trail system, as well as various outlaw trails for various types of off-road riding. 

Four Wheeler Drivers
Motorcycle Stunt
Hatfield-McCoy Trails

The Hatfield-McCoy Trail System is one of the most famous sets of trails on the east coast. 

Warrior Trail:

  • Welch, WV Trail Head: 14 miles

  • War, WV Trail Head: 26 Miles

Pocahontas Trail:

  • Bramwell, WV: 37 Miles

Indian Ridge Trail:

  • Ashland, WV 29 Miles

Rockhouse Trail:

  • Man, WV 31 Miles

We are also 19 Miles from Gilbert, WV which has multiple trails open and is home to the National Trailfest.

Outlaw Trails

Like to march to the beat of your own drum? Love to explore the mountains with no rhyme or reason? Yes? Then the local outlaw trails are just the thing for you. These trails stretch for miles and have some of the most amazing views. We are only 4 miles away from our local favorite riding hotspot, Wilmore Dam.

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